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The Only Stupid Question is the One Unasked!

FAQ's at M2R

Here you will find answers to some of the frequently asked questions we receive.  If you need a question answered that isn't already answered here, please go to the "Contact M2R" page and submit your question there.  We will respond as soon as possible with a direct answer to your specific question.  Your answer will be from a real person and not from an automatic responder.  We pride ourselves on support for our clients and potential clients.  Feel free to contact us whenever you like!  Use the contact form on the links at the top of the page, or just email us outright by clicking right HERE!

People are talking!

"Just when I was about to give up on ever getting any legitimate work at home job here comes Instant Webmaster!  Now that my website has been up for a month, I'm getting hits and customers just like you said!"  Roger H, Tucson Az


"So I've been running Instant Webmaster with several products for about 7 months now and expected it to fizzle out.  But guess what?  It just keeps growing and growing.  I used the link you posted to INEEDHITS and in two weeks whammo!  I watched my hit count just explode!"  Bob G , Stanford CT

"Now when people ask what I'm doing these days, I tell them I'm an eCommerce consultant! When they see the new car I just bought today, they are going to flip!"  Eric C , Springfield Mo 

 "...Just one more question, and I bet you get this one a lot, is there no end to this? It just keeps on rocking!"  Randy O , NY NY


"I've seen others selling the same materials as you for as much as $20 per item higher without any offers of help of any kind and no way to contact them for support or help!   Tell me, why do you do this?"    Javier C , Buenos Aries Argentina 

(Dave's reply:  "Javier some people helped me when I was starting out in marketing and promotions during my broadcast career.  They never asked me for anything in return, they just helped.  I guess I'm trying to pay back their kindness!")



Let's try to answer some often asked questions.

What do I need to begin selling on my own website? 

First and foremost you need to be able to follow the project through to completion.  This can take anywhere from the 29 minutes it is supposed to take some people to the week it took me since I didn't know a megabyte from a kilohertz.  Also you will need the following:

bulletAccess to an Internet connected computer for several hours over the course of a few days to read all the books, watch all the videos, listen to all the recordings and to edit and post your web pages.  Then you will need a computer for just a few minutes every day or two after that to check your emails.  You will be using about 250 megabytes for storage of software and document files on your computer.  Once you upload it all to the server you can even delete it from your computer if you like to save space or hide it from the boss.  But I wouldn't delete any of it unless it was absolutely necessary.
bulletA credit card to order your domain name if you want one, to pay for the set up of your server (if you use paid hosting) and search site submission fees.  However, if you use a free web site, you can get your hosting and sub-domain name free.  It won't be a "YOUR NAME.COM" address but it will still work just fine.  I opted for the .com address route myself. There is no way around search submission fees if you want a lot of hits and they all require payment up front by credit card.  Some do take PayPal which can draft right out of your checking account.  See my LINKS page for a few more places to check for hosting and search submission deals.  It sometimes just isn't enough to do "pay per click" web promotion!
bulletIdeas.  While the basic program is all laid out for you, once you have followed all the instructions, try to think of new ways to adapt the existing system to new products and new ways to promote your sites.  For example, can you acquire any other e-Books or software to sell?
bulletA game plan.  Try to set aside at least two days a week at least to check on how many hits your site has received and to check your email for order confirmations from the credit card company. Try to read some newsletters or e-Books everyday.  Check your site everyday, or as often as possible, to make sure it is ok and your links are all working.   Try to freshen up your site at least monthly by adding something new.  Be responsible.  This is a business so you have to treat it like one!

I did my search site submission last week but my hits haven't increased much, why?  Because it takes anywhere from two weeks for pay-per-click services like Overture, to two months for auto-submission services like "I Need Hits" before all the servers will get your site uploaded into the search files. 

Do you ever really give anyone their money back?  If they immediately don't like the products or can't get it to work for them or just plain disappointed in their results, we sure will give your money back.  But the system DOES work if you just follow it.  That is why I tell everyone up front that you do have to do some work.  I think some people underestimate how long it will take to set up a website and promote it effectively.  It really takes more than 29 minutes.  Working the whole system is the key!  Remember too, you will not see your hits go way up until your search listings kick in and that can take from two weeks to two months.  We give you a full year to ask for a refund exactly because we want you to give it some time to work.            

How can I accept credit cards with Instant Internet Empires if I don't have a merchant account?  Do I have to get one?  Aren't they expensive?  

bulletYes, you can accept cards almost immediately without a merchant account after you follow our instructions.
bulletThe Instant Webmaster Video Series will show you how to do that as part of the package at NO EXTRA COST.  You don't need a merchant account to accept credit cards with our system.  This one piece of information alone saved me over $1000 a year.  I once had a merchant account, but cancelled it because I don't need one anymore!  Why give the banks your good money when you don't have to?   
bulletYou get an email from the credit card people when someone buys so relax!  

What special software will I need to buy?  None actually, but you do have to download some free software that works forever and also some shareware which will only work for a limited time before you have to pay for it.  Actually you only need that software for a few hours anyway. Dreamweaver is about $400 to keep and that may be more than you want to spend.  I think it is extremely overpriced.  FrontPage is less than half that expensive and chances are you probably already have it on your computer anyway, but just don't know it!  FrontPage works well and if you know how to use other Microsoft programs you shouldn't have much trouble.  Dreamweaver is very, very nice, but not required for any of our programs.  If you have used email you can use any of this software!

Can I use Microsoft FrontPage, Netscape Composer or other text editors to edit websites instead of Dreamweaver as the plan suggested?   Absolutely, yes any WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) text editing package works just fine for us in trials with all our products.  Just use the one you are most familiar with.  This is a FrontPage site you are viewing now.  The item pages were created on Dreamweaver, but they can easily be edited with FrontPage.  For those of us who are already familiar with Microsoft Office products like Internet Explorer and WORD, we have no problem running FrontPage.  I have also liked being able to edit my pages live on the web with Microsoft FrontPage.  For people who don't have any text editing software, are low on cash, frugal or just like using FREE software, we've tested and approved the remarkable SOTHINK text editor!  Download the free SOTHINK text editor HERE.  

Where did you get the animation in your M2R Movie?  It was part of the new software package for the site.  My template software vendor, FrontPageTools is on the LINKS page.  They are fabulous and I highly recommend them.  But they are not exactly free and they don't give you a trial period, so make sure of the package you want before you buy.  You will also need the SWISH software from the LINKS page if you want to use any animation or flash intros.  I don't recommend using anything this elaborate at first though.  

Where did you get the great logo?  First of all, thanks for all the nice comments about our logo.  I made the logo myself!  Actually, I used some incredible new and affordable software called The Logo Creator.  I can most highly recommend it.  See the link page to find out how to get The Logo Creator at the best price available anywhere thanks to a special arrangement we have made with them strictly for our affiliates.  Even newbies can use it with great results!  Everyone needs a good logo for their website.  Priced one lately?  They are $200 and up for just one mediocre logo!  Make all the really cool logos you want with this software!  If you are going to operate multiple sites or product lines, this thing will save you a fortune!  I made the logo at the top of this page in about three minutes. I may go into Website Logo design as a sideline!  

How can I get help with a technical issue about your site?  Where do I report broken links (links that don't work when you click on them) or links that go to the wrong place or a "contact us" form error?  Compose an email explaining the issue and requesting assistance to webmaster@minutes2riches.com and you'll get a reply to your message as soon as possible.  We try to answer emails at least five times a week.  Our goal is superior customer service!  The webmaster updates the site as often as required.  We do NOT reply to requests for assistance with an Automatic Responder, so please be patient.  I think you would prefer an answer from a real person than from a machine and that takes time.

Do I have to build a big site like yours to get started?  It looks awfully complicated to me!    You are right it is big and it is complicated. But the answer is no.  You only need to edit and post the product pages, which is a piece of cake even for rookies.  

I need extra help!  How much do you charge to help me get my sites set up?  Normally $150 per hour, but I must be crazy because right now I don't charge anything at all to people who buy any of our items!  All of the instructions in the Instant Webaster videos tell the whole story, but if you watch all the videos and still have questions just email me.  If emails don't solve the problem, you may wish to speak directly with me.  We could then arrange to meet on PalTalk which is a free audio/video conferencing service.  Again, at no charge for a meeting of up to 30 minutes.  See the LINK page to download PALTALK.  I also make phone calls to you when required to resolve your problems, I will only phone you at your request! 



Be sure to check out all the free e-Books and software downloads available on the Freeloaders page.  Just click on Freeloaders from the main left menu! 

Some of the software and e-Books there are quite valuable.  We use Crazy Browser every single day!  Sure Internet Explorer 6 is a great browser but Crazy Browser does things for Internet Marketers IE6 just won't do.  I routinely surf for hits on 18 different sites at the same time!  IE6 chokes at about five.  Also Crazy Browser has a near failsafe pop-up-stopper built right in!  Crazy Browser might be the most valuable software you ever got absolutely free! 

Building websites is fun, but getting a high ranking in the search engines is difficult.  That's why we worked with InterLyn Corporation to develop and offer for you...again absolutely free...the M2R Prepromote software.  You just plug in the facts about your website and it churns out the complicated meta tags necessary for a really high search engine placement!  Sure, you can pay up to $60 per page to have a professional do it for you...but why on earth would you do that? 

If you have built your own web pages and you haven't polished your meta tags, you will get a pitiful search engine ranking.  With Prepromote, you'll get a higher ranking.  It's a sure thing!  Even better, its a FREE thing. The M2R special version of Prepromote is available ONLY here at Minutes2Riches! 

M2R Hit Machine

It took us a long time to realize the value of getting hits to our websites.  Once we understood this, our earnings soared.  So, to help you get the most hits possible we have consolidated all of the surf-for-hits services that we use and recommend onto one handy page.  We have rated each service based on our opinion. 

The HIT MACHINE was no easy undertaking.  We try to update it often, usually we update it weekly. 

Now we know that the more hits we get the more sales we make.  We thought that we could just post our sites and submit them to search engines.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  You have to promote your pages and get people to look at them.  With The HIT MACHINE you'll get thousands of potential customers visiting your site! 

We don't like SPAM or Unsolicited Commercial E-mail as it is sometimes called.  Therefore it is important for us to use surf-for-hits sites to get people to view our site. 

Remember, the more visitors you get, the more sales you make! 



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