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"They keep raising the retirement age and cutting benefits. When its time to retire, you are either dead...or dead broke."


Minutes2Riches.com is real people doing real work and earning real money on the internet!  Join us and we'll happily show you exactly how to duplicate our success by establishing multiple streams of reliable, honest income yourself!

People are talking!

"It didn't seem to matter what I tried.  Nothing worked.  Until I watched INSTANT WEBMASTER and got the help I received from Minutes2Riches.  My little site is making money after just two months!  What other business pays off all the overhead and makes a profit so fast?  None that I ever heard about!  You are right, this is fun and it sure beats multi-level marketing because I get to keep all the income instead of watching someone else keep most of it!"  Stanley S , Rapid City SD

"Thanks for making your instructions so easy to follow.  Thanks to your link page my very first website was up in no time at all.  The services you recommend are so fast! I had absolutely no idea how to do a website until I watched your videos.  I can build them now!  Your product has made me a fan.  I'll be back for more! But first I have a few more sites to build first!"   Frank T , Ontario Canada.




Minutes2Riches is our business and we're very proud of it, but we never lose sight of the fact that our primary goal is to help YOU!  This is Nancy Vasser, David's better half.  He asked me to say a few words about Minutes2Riches.  I'm flattered because he usually won't let me anywhere near the computer!  But since we are in this together, I have to do my part!

All the products we sell are information based business and marketing information, materials and training in the form of eBooks, video or audio downloads and text downloads easily accessed on any computer.  All products are all delivered via the internet in Instant Download formats.  This business is operated out of our home in Badin NC.  

In April, 2002 we moved into our brand new home on the fairway of the Stanly County Country Club in Badin NC.  Dave loves to play golf, and would play everyday if I would let him.  We are both members of the USGA and the PGA Tour Partners Club.   

We love living in our little village here in North Carolina and have made many new friends since moving here from the secluded and remote lake house.  We also enjoy making new friends through M2R and hope to hear from you about how you like our products and how they helped you in your online marketing efforts.  We both truly believe every single person can find more success in their online marketing with the products we sell at M2R, because so many others have!  Why not join them?

Here are our "Service Standards of Excellence" and pledge to you:  

bulletTo answer all inquiries truthfully and in as timely a fashion as possible.
bulletTo provide guidance, support and encouragement to our new clients as required.
bulletTo maintain a high degree of respect for the feelings and opinions of others.
bulletTo keep looking for new and better products, to thoroughly test them, and only then offer to share them with the good friends that we have made through Minutes2Riches.

Regarding our Privacy and Security Policy:

bulletWe DO NOT share your contact information with anyone and we mean anyone.  We don't like spam emails anymore than anyone else, so we don't sell or loan our lists.  On rare occasions we may contact you ourselves on behalf of another associate when they have something we think you may be interested in and have tried and recommend, but that will be extremely infrequent.  Anytime you want off our mailing list, just reply with "REMOVE" in the subject line and we'll get you off the list immediately.  We will NOT send more than one email a week to you as a general rule.  We believe in quality over quantity.  The "Contact Us" form is NOT a SSL connection and it is possible someone could intercept your form and read it before it gets to us.  This is highly doubtful however.  If you prefer not to submit a "Contact Us" form, you may email Dave personally at his private address, davidvasser@minutes2riches.com and he will answer your inquiry in that fashion.  All we really need on the contact form is your name and email address, the other information is strictly optional.  All credit card and e-Check transactions are through a third party financial broker who uses secure SSL servers to process the payment and then sends us an email with your name, email address, the name of the product you purchased and the amount credited to our account.  We never even see your credit card number.  We do not recommend putting any confidential information in the comments field on the payment form as this information does go to a secure server initially, but it is then sent via non-encrypted email to us.


bulletDave has worked very hard lining up some great links for you on the link page.  Some of them will save you a lot of money while getting you exactly the same services we use because he made special arrangements for our affiliates.  Be sure to check them out on the M2R Links page.  

Thank you for visiting and finding out more about Minutes2Riches.com.  Just email any questions.  We will try to answer them as soon as possible.  While auto responders are great for follow-up on sales leads, we do not answer information requests from our affiliates with automatic responder messages, instead you will get a message back from either myself or Dave.  As the whole purpose of this project is to have more money and the free time to enjoy it, it is doubtful we will be hovering right over the computer when you email us, so be patient.  I promise, we will reply as soon as possible.      

Thanks and God bless America, one nation under God,                           


                                                                                Nancy Vasser   



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