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"An audio message is the least expensive component of your website, yet it can be the most valuable!"


Ask about our "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" deal!

There is NO software for you to buy!  If you have a text editor such as DreamWeaver or FrontPage and a working website on a standard web server, you already have everything you need except the message!  

We deliver an Internet optimized MP3 audio file to you by email for you to publish yourself.  You may further embellish, edit or mix the voiceover as you see fit since you own it outright. 

Please note that we offer music, sound effects, and script composition services at a slight additional charge.  All the music and sound effects we provide are royalty free and we have rights to distribute them for public performance.

Also, we can handle the uploading of the file to your server and the page editing to get the message to play on your site for an additional charge.     

Any rate quoted is for WEBSITE audio only!  Please contact us for a quote for voiceovers for any other purpose.



People are talking!

We are very pleased with the VO's. We will be in touch as we are in the process of setting up a number of individual sites, and are in the thinking stages of revamping some pages on our main site. 

Thanks again for an excellent job. You deserve kudos for being able to write and produce such excellent voiceovers.

Susan DeFiore, Home Business Solutions.Com, Fresno CA




Web Audio Services

Putting audio on websites is an exploding trend.  There are many good reasons why.  To hear some of the reasons why your website can benefit from using a professional voice artist, listen to an educational two minute audio presentation from our favorite voice artist, just click on the button because you should hear what your website is missing!

Why use professionally crafted sound on your site?
There are many reasons, below are only a few.

bulletVisitors often visit a site a precious few seconds, but engaging audio insures they view longer!  The longer they view, the more likely they are to buy!  In fact, some owners report a 300% increase in sales after using an audible message without making any other website changes!
bulletMany visitors simply don't read well enough to understand the full benefit of your product or service!
bulletEven a brief greeting separates you from "the pack" and makes a visitor feel welcome and appreciated.  Wal-Mart stores have employees, called "greeters", for this reason!
bulletComplicated services or programs can be explained in as much detail as you like!  
bulletYou can use the spoken word, music or sound effects to reinforce the impact of your visual images!
bulletUse your message to convince the visitor to take action now!
bullet"Word of mouth" is well known as the best form of advertising!
bulletYou've spent untold hours plus hundreds or even thousands of dollars on web design!  A few more dollars for a professional voice-over would be a very tiny, but very wise investment. 
bulletYour website's aural message is the "radio commercial" for the "television program" that is your website!
bulletProfessional audio is a better value than do-it-yourself because there is no software for you to buy and no monthly fees.  You own your message outright and can use it forever!

Here's one demo message for WebHostingTalk.Com.  It's 30 seconds long and is a full production with music and eight voice tracks.


"OK!  I'm convinced!  I want to use audio now, but what do I not want to do?"  Some things to avoid in using sound on your sites follow.  (If you are using sound and you have not seen the 300% sales increase others are reporting, the reason may appear below.)

bulletRecording your own message is sometimes better than nothing, but many other times it is downright damaging to your site's image and effectiveness!  You may be a world-class web-designer or business manager, but are you also a world-class voice artist?  Probably not.  While an engaging aural message increases both the time spent viewing and the sales rate, a below par message has exactly the opposite effect!
bulletYou do not want to run visitors away with screaming hard-sell type voices, but on the other hand you don't want to put them to sleep with a monotone voice.  Achieving that delicate balance is difficult for a professional and nearly impossible for an amateur.  Too often the homemade messages we hear just bore us without informing us which makes them ineffective.
bulletOne important question!  Have you ever seen a business owner or manager doing their own television commercial and thought they looked like an idiot?  If you are doing your own voice-overs, can you guess what are other people are thinking about you and your site?

Minutes2Riches.Com will gladly arrange to have our professional voice artist, Brother Dave, craft professional audio messages for all your websites! 
bulletYour satisfaction is guaranteed as with all our products!  There's no risk & no gamble!  You will get the same voice as on the demos on this page and on the websites linked to from this page.
bulletQuotes are provided once you submit a script or an outline for the voiceovers you want recorded. 
bulletWe can even write the script for you for a slight extra fee. 
bulletYour message is recorded in a real commercial recording studio with music beds and sound effects available if required. 
bulletYour audio files are delivered fast by email in compact MP3 files which you can quickly upload to your server and start streaming to your website's visitors immediately
bulletIf you are unsure of how to get the files to play on your site, we will even handle this for you for an additional charge.

For a fast quote, just click on the "CONTACT M2R" link at the top right of this page. 
bulletA dry voiced, "Welcome to Widgets.Com" type greeting is only $15 delivered!  To see and hear one example of a fifteen second welcome greeting just click below. 

bulletWhy not try one?  You'll be amazed at the impact it will have on the people who visit your site and on your sales!  Here's another website audio message, but this one also has music.  It is only NINE seconds long, yet it gets visitors to take action!


Remember, for a fast & free quote for your voiceover, just click on the red "CONTACT M2R" link at the top right of this page.  From a simple website greeting to a complete "Oral e-Book", we want your repeat business!



Increase Your Site's "Hang Time"!
Have you ever checked how long your visitors are staying on your site?  Usually it is less than twenty seconds!  That isn't enough time to read all the information is it? 

Did you know that you can increase the "view time per visitor" by including an interesting audio voice-over?  It's cheap and easy! 

About Brother Dave
Our voice artist has been crafting motivational and educational audio elements since 1968.  His clients have included Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch-Budweiser, McDonalds, Alcoa, Bojangles, American Celanese Corporation, Chevrolet and hundreds of other businesses large and small!  He's recorded literally tens of thousands of voiceovers for radio, television, film. and stage productions worldwide.

Studio Quality!     Brother Dave records your messages in a real commercial recording studio!  Not at his home, not in his garage or in his basement, but in a state of the art multi- track digital commercial recording studio! 

Brother Dave has studio time booked one day per week just for his voice work!  

For a limited time only you pay NOTHING EXTRA for the benefit of having your messages recorded in a commercial studio!  All you pay is the price we quote!




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