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"Nothing ain't worth nothing.  But, its free."

(Merle Haggard)

"Take this job and shove it!"  

(Johnny Paycheck)

You can't lose!  

Just try any of our fine digital products and if you don't like it or you can't make it work just as well for you as it did for us, you will get every penny you paid us back!  Whether you tell us you love it, or tell us to shove it, we want you to be happy!  


People are talking!

"I felt from the beginning that we were associates.  I didn't really feel so much like a customer.  It has been six months now and I have cleared profits every month except the first one!  But since that first month I've made enough to pay cash for a few things we needed and to start my first savings account."  Georgine I , Ogden UT

"Dave & Nancy, It had been a while since I'd tried a home business.  Like you say, no business is for everyone.  But this business sure worked for me!  I owe my new lawn mower to what I learned from the Instant Webmaster Series!   It is nice to have a little cash coming in from a home based business for a change!  My brother who works for ALCOA just got the news that his plant is closing.  I think he's going to try your products now, only he's getting his from me!  Thanks both you guys!"  Reed Mc , Mt. Gilead NC   



Your M2R Guarantee & Terms!

We can not predict how successful YOU will be.  Every business is not right for everyone! You may achieve great rewards, small rewards or you might not make a cent!. 

People are standing on street corners with signs that say "Will Work for Food" yet they actually won't work for food, or anything else for that matter!  All these people are interested in is a handout.  Try getting one of these people to come and cut your grass for $10.00 an hour and you'll see what I mean.  Like I said on the home page, for this to work you have to actually do some work, but not a lot.  Just a few minutes now and then once you get your pages posted.   

Please don't waste time, money and resources unless you are willing to give it a good shot!  In return for us offering you a guarantee you have to offer us one!  You agree when you purchase our products and materials that:

bulletYou have a genuine interest in making as much money as possible in Internet marketing.  
bulletYou will give it your best effort and plan to operate for at least three months including recommended search submissions.    
bulletYou will contact us for advice whenever you hit a roadblock or "hit the wall" by filling out a contact form so we can help you past any obstacles.  
bulletYou will listen to the entire audio sessions, watch all the videos, and read all the e-Books you purchase during the very early stages of your new Internet marketing career.  You will follow the instructions in all these media.  (It is surprising how many people buy the products and expect to resell them without actually using the training or following the advice contained in the very products they are reselling!  Amazing but true.)      
bulletYou will treat your business like a business.  You will be responsible and fair to your customers.  
bulletYou agree that once you have started to make profits you will keep us posted and let us hear your comments by posting a contact form from the site or sending us an email.  If you do not want us to use your comments as a testimonial just say so, and your comments will be kept confidential.  We want to hear from you about the good and the bad and of course we enjoy sharing good news with all our friends.  We can't help if we don't know there is a problem, so stay in touch.      

In return, we pledge the following.  If for ANY reason you don't like the product at ANY time during the first year, we will refund 100% of the price you paid to purchase the product!  You will get every cent you paid us for the product back!  No risk, no gamble.  No maybes.  No questions asked!  In short, you must love it...or you can tell us to shove it!    The Minutes2Riches.Com guarantee does not apply to Armand Morin products which are guaranteed and supported by Armand Morin.

bulletYour 100% refund will be sent to you within 15 days of your request. 
bulletYour refund will be in US Dollars credited back to your account or mailed by check.   
bulletWe can not refund any money not paid directly to us.  For example, we will not refund search site submission fees, service provider fees or any other business expenses you incurred which was not paid directly to us, even if you accessed these external products through links on our site.  For example, if you sign up for web hosting through a link on our site, we can not refund your web hosting fees because they were paid to the web host and not to us.  But we will refund every cent paid to us for our products whenever you want anytime within the first year.    
bulletYou can keep all the products you bought for your personal use, however you will forfeit any resale rights to the products, if resale rights were included with the products.  Any websites with those products must be taken down.      
bulletWe will still say "thank you for trying our products", even though they were not what you were looking for at the time or you were unable to accomplish your goals.  We know some people will excel and some will fail.  That is business and that is life!
bulletBy purchasing a product from us, you agree that a refund of your purchase price is your sole remedy and that there can be no other compensation for any loss or damages.
bulletThere are no pyramid or get rich quick schemes on Minutes2Riches.Com and we strongly advise against participating in such risky ventures.  We specialize instead on resale of useful in demand information products and software. 

Once you get your sites up and working, you will see why we can make this remarkable guarantee!  There is nothing like waking up in the morning, firing up the computer, pouring a cup of coffee while the computer boots up, checking your email and then finding that while you were sleeping you made money!  There has never been products that get you going in Internet marketing faster, better and for less money anywhere than the ones featured here.  

We own distribution rights to all the products featured here unless otherwise noted and also the rights to assign resale rights to all the products for which resale rights are offered or included.  The only exception is that all the items on the "M2R Products 2" page are sold and supported by Armand Morin and not by Minutes2Riches.Com.  We can not refund money paid to Armand Morin or to his company and you should see their item pages for details on the Armand Morin guarantee.  We further do not assign resale rights to any Armand Morin product featured on the "M2R Products 2" page.

Minutes2Riches.Com is owned by Vasser & Associates, USA

Contact Information:  David Vasser, President - PO Box 916, Badin NC  28009  USA  Phone (704)422-5254  To contact via email just submit a contact form, available on the main menu.  We will reply within 24 hours.



We have the strictest privacy policy on the Internet.  We do NOT share your contact information with anyone at anytime for any reason.  We hate spam, and will not sell or otherwise assign any of your contact information or personal information with anyone!  We do use testimonials from those who have tried our products and send in comments, but only with their prior permission. 


We Guarantee It! 




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