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The shortest distance between two points, is a straight line...  These videos give it to you straight!

Another Great Service for You is Coming Soon!

It is vital to get good search engine placement. A large part of the ranking process on some search engines depends on how many other sites link to your pages. 

We have decided to launch our own link page for our clients & friends so we can share and swap links to improve the rankings of our websites.  It will be easy,  interesting, fun, educational and best of all...profitable!  And this link exchange is another free service we will offer our clients!

Watch for the new "Friends & Family" page coming soon!  If you would like your website to be included, just drop an email to us by clicking on this easy to use WEBMASTER LINK!  Thanks. 

I should like to point out that Friends & Family will NOT replace or otherwise interfere with our extremely popular WEBMASTER LINKS page. 

Hit the Links!

Be sure to check our helpful WEBMASTER LINKS page for great links you can use in your business.  These are the vendors we do business with and can vouch for their integrity and quality of service while assuring you they are a tremendous value.  We also like posting new links to services that benefit our associates.  Just email suggested new links by clicking on this WEBMASTER LINK

"I have recently signed up with the M2R team.  I am very excited!  Thanks so much for such a quick reply to my questions."  Traci B, Redondo Beach CA

Worried? Nervous? Just plain unsure about investing even a small amount in your own business?  Relax.  All of the products we sell are backed by our money-back guarantee.  See the guarantee page for our unique policy.  We're betting we never have to give a single refund.  Our products are just that good.


Companion Products

There are no many great products to learn from and to resell in this package that frankly we never have been able to count them into one figure.  It will be somewhere over 6,000 though.  Probably the biggest business building bargain on the Internet is right here on Free To Sell!  Hurry, because our guaranteed low price could be raised any moment! 

Learn More!

Blackbelt Web Marketing is full of the insider secrets you need to drive people to your website without going broke buying advertising or sending any spam!  This is the killer karate chop of internet marketing!  Learn More!

Simple to use software that makes creating Popups so easy that a child can do it!  If you ever wanted to use "The Power of PopUps," then this software is for you!  Order now and receive Master Resell Rights, meaning that you keep 100% of The Profit!  Learn More!




"...If you can watch TV, you can  make money on the Internet!   In fact,  I guarantee it or your money back! "

Thousands of people are earning a fabulous income working part-time in a home Internet business.  Home businesses are growing at a phenomenal rate while the Internet is growing even faster! 

How Do They Do It?
A remarkable number of otherwise ordinary people are now making an extraordinary income on the Internet.  How?  

bulletThe overhead is low.  Far lower than a traditional business.
bulletYour website is always open.
bulletInstantaneous changes can be made to your pages.  Run sales, raise prices, add new products and change your sites whenever you like! 
bulletIt is your business.  Not the boss's.  Not the bank's!
bulletThousands of new people log on to the net daily and are looking for opportunities.
bulletUnlike a traditional business where you can only draw customers from the immediate area, your reach is GLOBAL and the entire world is your immediate area!

You have to spend a lot of to make a lot, right?  WRONG!  That's exactly what "The Big Guys" want you to think! 

bulletYou don't need to go to computer classes. 
bulletYou don't need to take out loans or borrow money.
bulletYou don't have to maintain expensive inventory.
bulletYou don't have to pay for shipping, handling, packaging or fulfillment.
bulletYou don't need an office, staff, or other business overhead.  If you have internet access, you already have everything you need.
bulletYou don't have to buy expensive software.
bulletYou don't have to spend a fortune for professional web designers or technicians.
bulletNot when you have these instructional videos.

 Presenting the Best Video Series EVER on Net Business!

If you can watch TV, you can have a website and more!  These videos will teach you exactly how to make all the following things happen!


Become NUMBER ONE on top search engines like AOL, Lycos, And AltaVista in four days or less!

bulletSet up a 24-7-365 AUTO-PILOT ordering system so you can take credit cards from your web site...FREE!
bulletRegister your own domain name in no time flat!
bulletEdit your web sites using free trial software you can get on the Internet!
bulletGet set up with super low-cost or even FREE web hosting!
bulletPublish as many websites as you want to the Internet!

What will these videos really do for you?  In this step by step easy video download, we take you from a total beginner to a capable webmaster at warp speed. You'll learn so much from these videos so fast that your friends will think you've been spending all of your nights and weekends in some high-priced computer class!  These videos alone enabled me to build the site you are viewing right now.  I've attended no computer courses or training anywhere else!  All I have used was this video series! 

The Four Keys to Making Money on the Internet:  I have also learned that there are four keys, and only four keys required to make money on the Internet.
bulletYou’ve got to have a product to sell.
bulletYou’ve got to have a Website that sells your product.
bullet You’ve got to know how to promote your Website and get people to find you.
bulletYou’ve got to accept credit card orders.

Buy the Instant Webmaster Video Series now and you'll gain access to a series of TWELVE  DOWNLOADABLE videos which you can combine with any good digital product to take you through all four keys and enable you to build an endless Internet income!  There's no waiting on the mail to deliver your videos and there is no shipping charges because they are delivered direct to your computer on the Internet!  Each video SHOWS you exactly what to do right on your own computer at your own pace.  They are revolutionary! 

Why videos?  Have you ever tried to put a bicycle together without instructions?  Impossible isn't it?  Sometimes even with written directions it is a challenge.  But add pictures and the instructions become much easier right?  With these videos, we guarantee that anyone can learn how to launch their own money making websites in hardly any time at all! 

Even if you spent thousands of dollars to take computer courses, you would still never learn everything in these videos!  In fact, we've heard from graduates in computer technology who've bought these videos and have said EXACTLY that!  One "computer expert" who builds websites for a living in my town told me that it was too hard and too expensive to set up a website to take credit cards.  But, I did it myself using these videos and it was really fast and easy!     
bulletYes, you get the videos, but that's not all...I'm also granting you FREE unlimited re-sale and distribution rights to this hot downloadable video set so you can put them to work as an additional stream of income, give them away to your customers as a bonus, use them to generate leads, whatever you want!
bulletI challenge you to find a "make money on the Internet video series" that is this good anywhere at any price!  I'm positive you won't!  Because, this is "the one and only!"
bulletWatch the videos over and over anytime you want.  Work at your own pace.  Share them with your spouse or a partner and get them involved too!  Two heads are better than one! 
bulletI bet that about right now you are worried about the price!  Yes, these videos are certainly worth $200 to $300 or even more, but I'm not charging anywhere near that much!   
bulletYour purchase is a no risk investment!  Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  You must love them or I'll refund all your money anytime within one full year!  See our Guarantee page!

These are the videos that show the insider secrets many people don't want shown!  They work best when combined with one or more of our companion products on this page.  These videos are the instructions you need to create multiple order pulling websites!  We suggest you combine the Instant Webmaster Video Series with the FREE TO SELL package.  In fact, we've priced Free To Sell especially low right now specifically to sell it as a companion product to these videos.

The INSTANT WEBMASTER VIDEOS work with any of our products though, including our number one selling software product, POPUP GENERATOR.  In fact, these videos work with any digitally delivered web product, even one of your own!  For your convenience our other products which are proven to work in combination with the INSTANT WEBMASTER VIDEOS appear on both the left and right of this page. 

OR...just go ahead and create your own products like I do!  With what I learned from these videos and e-Books, I created my own product which sells quite well!  You can view the sales page for the item I created by Clicking Here.  Remember, I've had no special training, no computer classes and I did it all within about a two month period!  I did this all on my own and I have never paid a dime to any web designers!  That little homemade website I created to sell my own pet product has been taking orders since July of 2002 non-stop! 

You won't believe it, but my overhead averages a miserly $6.52 per month to own my original one of a kind profit making website!  Amazing isn't it?  I sure think so!  Internet Marketing may be the best kept secret about how to make money without huge cash outlays!  In fact, I've never found anything to compare.  Take action to begin your new business right now!         

At $20.00 The INSTANT WEBMASTER VIDEO SERIES is a genuine bargain! 

But our price for all 12 videos is less than half of that! 

That's right.  Only $9.77! 

(SPECIAL NOTICE:  Before you order please see  the "RED BOX" below!)



Since you've read this far, you are truly interested in building your own Internet businesses.  So, we want to help you out all we can!  BUT, YOU MUST ACT NOW

We'll sell you EVERY PRODUCT on this page in one gigantic SUPERBUNDLE for ONLY $19.77.  At our present retail pricing, each of these products bought separately would cost over $115!  TAKE ACTION NOW and you'll own resale rights to EVERYTHING for 80% OFF!   That includes the videos, every e-Book pictured on this page and the software.  All you'll pay is a measly $19.77!   Plus you'll still get our unbeatable personal support and everything is still backed up with our guarantee!

We can't price these precious products this low for very long.  This is truly a genuine value and a real opportunity!  There is nothing more to pay us ever.   You will own these products with UNLIMITED RESALE RIGHTS!     

This is a very special LIMITED TIME ONLY offer.  Wait, and it will be too late!  Click on the link below that says BUY NOW and you will be assured of getting the greatest business building value bundle we've ever offered at M2R, our SUPERUNDLE!

There's NO FASTER or EASIER way to launch your own Internet Marketing Career than the products in this package. 

I can't imagine why anyone who wants to learn and earn on the Internet would do anything else other than click on the "BUY NOW" button below.   You can own the very tools that will give you the power to actually change your life for less than pizza and a movie for two!  

We look forward to helping you get started right away! 


Time for a Reality Check!

According to the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, out of 100 people who all begin their working life at age 25 and work for forty years:


29% are dead


1% are wealthy


4% have enough to retire


3% are still working and can't afford to retire! 


63% live on Social Security (which has been teetering on insolvency for years), live off the generosity of friends or other family members, beg for charity or need Welfare handouts to eek out a meager existence that could not really be called "living".  These 63 people are often unable to afford vital medications and health care for themselves and their loved ones.  Many of these 63 people will have to sell everything they own just to survive, losing everything they worked a lifetime to own and ultimately leaving nothing of any real value to pass on as a legacy!    

That's right!  Out of those 100 people, only 5 are going to ever truly enjoy retirement!  Friend, I plan to be among those 5! 

I bet that not a single one of the 66 people who in reality don't have enough to retire set a life goal to retire in poverty!   

However, I would also wager that out of the 5 who retire in financial comfort, at least 4 of them made specific plans, set certain goals and took specific actions so that they could retire with more than enough to see them through!  (The fifth one probably inherited wealth from someone else who DID make plans, set goals and take action!)   

All your working life you are being sold on how great retirement is, but it really won't be so great, unless of course you are among the fortunate 5!  Remember that is 5 out of the 71 people who lived to retirement age.  So, from a gambler's point of view that translates to a 14 to 1 long shot that by some miracle you will be among the 5 who can relax and enjoy life!

Would you bet your life on a 14 to 1 long shot?  Of course not!   But, if you don't have a plan and if you aren't taking some actions toward a goal, the plain truth is that you are betting your life at 14 to 1 odds already , you just didn't realize it!

Even if you don't try our products, risk free, please make some sort of plans.  Set some goals for your life that will enable you to provide for yourself and loved ones.  Take action toward those goals without delay!   

You may think you have plenty of time, but the actual numbers are clear and certain evidence that...it is later than you think!

Companion Products


You often hear "work smarter, not harder" but they never tell you HOW!  Finally learn what that really means with details on the ins and outs of product licensing.  Oh, you also get full licensing rights to resell this item just like I did.   

Learn More!


Write emails like a pro, in no time!  Just follow their leads!  You get the most successful emails ever written and you can adapt them to your specific product or service!  No spamming required!  Learn how to get qualified leads and make your income soar!      Learn More!


This is how you turn visitors into BUYERS!  One of the top selling e-Books of all time and a must read for rapidly building a list full of responsive readers for your newsletters, e-Zines and e-Mail offers!   Learn More!



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