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"There are two kinds of people in the world, winners and losers.  You can control your own destiny!"

Treasure Page?

We should have called this page the Treasure Page because of all the great deals you will get here that will either cut your overhead or increase your income using our products!  Even if you don't use our products, good luck to you in finding any better services than the ones listed here!    

People are Talking!

The links you have posted are really cool.  I got that Logo software and made the logo I'm sending you.  A really fine piece of software.  Thanks for telling us about it.  It really works great for me.  Michael R , New Haven CT

"After weeks of saying I was going to buy Instant Webmaster and always putting it off, my car broke down.  I knew I needed a new one but couldn't afford it.  I had to buy yet another used car!  Well I decided right then that I will never own a new car as long as I'm working for someone else.  I knew I needed to get my own business going but I had so little money.  

Thanks for taking the time to show me how to get my Internet sites going so I could sell these products.  I am now getting several orders a week.  I'm taking that money to apply toward more advanced search services.  

After the first two months it really picked up just like you said it would."  Jack S , Boise ID

"When something sounds too good to be true, I am usually the first one to say it won't work.  Why I ordered this I'm not exactly sure.  Maybe because I wanted to prove you were wrong.  I'm a widow and I can barely send emails.  But, Instant Webmaster had me building a website to sell things right away!   Besides the chance to make money, the confidence I gained about how to work on the Internet was alone worth the cost of the package.  Freida K , Boston MA


"Pete and I wanted to let you know the college fund is growing!  Hope you have a nice summer.  I know we will!  It is always nice to hear from you."  Patrica Y , Plano Tx

"So far I've sold fire alarms, vacuum cleaners, soap, used cars, done eBay and lots of other crazy things to try to make a buck.  This beats them all!  What potential!"  J. R. F.  Madison WI 

"Since I last wrote things have really taken off.  I'm happier by the day!"  Kay R , Franklin Tn

"It is starting to look like I won't be using my credit cards to pay the bills I don't have the cash to pay anymore!  At the current rate, I'm going to be on an all cash basis here in another three months with all the credit cards paid off.  I didn't realize how broke I really was until I got some extra money coming in.  Thanks again.  I appreciate what you've done for me and for my family." Gary Y , Philadelphia PA

"Let me tell you about my computer training.  I went to Community College for two years to get my MS certification.  You know what?  They never taught us how to do any of this!  This truly will be a money maker for me for quite a while to come.  I don't see any reason the cash would stop.  I'm looking to add new products.  I'm writing my own e-Books and hope to publish them soon."  Brad P , Bloomington Il 

"If it hadn't been for the extra income from our website this month we would have been in real financial trouble.  Someone broke into our house and stole everything we owned!  But they can't steal our website!  It just kept on making money!  We just wanted to thank you, and let you know that I don't think we ever can repay what you have done for us."  Sylvia K,  Del Rio TX

"Hi Dave.  Minutes2Riches was a great idea.  I'm glad I found you.  I don't worry so much about the future any more.  I was real worried about my job.  They laid off a bunch of people here just before Christmas.  Yes it is a cruel world out there!  But, I'm not as worried now.  I know how to make money for myself now!  And it doesn't interfere one bit with my full time job.  Thanks!"  Sue T , El Paso TX 



These links to WEBMASTER TOOLS are our current vendors and the links are for use by our associates to assist in building their own business.  We can recommend these vendors because we use them and approve of their product or service.  Some vendors here have M2R HOT LINKS for you to get special pricing, incentives and bonuses as M2R Associates.  HOT LINKS must be used to get these M2R specials.    

At first you will only need a web host, PayPal, StormPay and e-Gold accounts plus search engine submission services to set up your business.  But eventually as your business grows you may want more!  We are currently using two hosts. One is a pay host which runs our main site and the other is a FREE host which we use only for our test site where we try out new web pages. 

There may be better services available at a better price, but we haven't found them yet.  If you find a better price on a similar service, let us know.  We will check them out to make sure they meet our standards and then post them if they are approved by us.  We won't post any links until we actually use the product or service and we are well satisfied with it. Believe me, there are many other products and services we have used and not liked!


Search Site Submission

bulletThe new name for GOTO is Overture.   We most strongly recommend you use their service, especially for the first three to four months.  You HAVE to use a pay-per-click service to get hits at the outset.  Why?  Because it takes a few months for your sites to be entered into the search engines!  While this process is taking place, Overture insures you will get hits!  Here is your first money saving HOTLINK!  Click below where it says "Sign up now" in red and get $10 credited into your account just like that!  Advertise your Web site with Overture search listings. Sign up and get a $10 credit, equivalent to 200 free sales leads. Sign up now!


bulletProfessional search services are, in my opinion, a MUST HAVE also.  They do things Overture just plain doesn't do that make a huge difference in your total page hits.  You will see an increase in hits, especially to your secondary pages and products, if you use one of these services.
bulletThey will do astounding things to optimize the codes hidden in each of your web pages so that the search engines happily gobble up your pages.  They call it "coding" your site with "meta tags".  I call it tweaking.  What this does is promote each page of your site, instead of just your home page like Overture does.  They will also do keyword research scientifically and tell you what key words you need to be using, which cuts the guesswork whenever using any other submission service in the future. 
bulletOne top flight outfit is www.ineedhits.com.  Their "Submit Ongoing" service is $50 for the first month and $60 for each additional month but worth every penny!  They got this site listed and getting free hits fast!
bulletWe have arranged an introductory I NEED HITS special only for our affiliates!  To get the very best price on their services you must click on the HOT LINK below!  If it says FREE, you get to submit your sites FREE!  


Another service we have used with great results for our 911 Insider site is SEARCH ENGINE WATCH.  A client of M2R found them and recommended them and they were right, this is a great service and a good value!  They are different from ineedhits.com because they are more of a do-it-yourself type service.  Click the HOT LINK banner below for SEARCH ENGINE WATCH

  Search Engine Watch Memberships

I suggest starting with both Overture and both of the two above described paid submission services if there is any chance you can afford both.  Then, you will have ALL the bases covered! 


One of the most common mistakes people make when posting websites is that they don't realize you can submit your site to search engines all day long, but if the search engine's automated spider software doesn't find what it likes, you get bumped down the list or completely off the search engine!  Having your pages "tweaked" insures high placement, even without a top 3 bid on Overture.  All in all, if you are selling more than one item this is a very smart and good thing to do.  You should at least get your site coded by a professional service, like www.ineedhits.com , even if you don't use any of their other services.  AGAIN, I strongly urge you to get help coding your meta tags!  At least use the free M2R PREPROMOTION Meta Tag Generator on the FREELOADERS page.  Remember though, you must allow at least two weeks for "pay-per-click" inclusion from Overture to start working and up to three months for free inclusion services to work.  Be patient and give it time to work!



How do you know if your site is listed yet?  By searching for it of course.  You could go to all the sites and search one at a time, or you can do what I do!  Use Copernic search software.  They have a really nice "Professional" version for about $40.  Copernic Basic is the free tool I use almost every day.  M2R Associates may now download it free from the following link.  It will search many major sites with one click!  I've never had anyone say they didn't like it.  In fact it is the best search tool I've ever used!  Download COPERNIC BASIC HERE!


Web Hosting 

bulletFree Service:  Hypermart was our pick, but they have discontinued free hosting.  As of now we know of no good free hosting providers, but if you know of one let us know.  Please see the first paid hosting banner below for $1 hosting.  $1 is the next best thing to free! 


bulletPaid Hosting:  These are the companies that store everything related to your website including pages, digital products, banner ads, photos, e-Mail, scripting and so forth.  You are basically paying rent for space and bandwidth usage.  We decided a while back when we only had one provider and they went down for about 30 hours due to a denial of service attack, that we needed to spread out the four domains we manage among multiple hosts.  That way when one host is down for whatever reason, our other sites and products are still for sale and we literally are NEVER closed!  Further, this practice allows us to evaluate and compare many different hosting services.  We actually do not recommend using free hosting because the time it takes your page to load is too slow and they show popup ad pages or banner ads on top of your site, and all too often they show ads for your competitors!  We STRONGLY urge you to use paid hosting.  All of the following services are approved by M2R and we use them all with good results.  More expensive services are available, but there is no benefit to using them!  For the very best deals on hosting, click on one of the special banners below.  Any of them will serve you well!  The first one listed, $1 Hosting is the one we recommend most clients try first because it is the most cost effective.  We have excellent results with them and currently host two domains with them.  There is also a page on the M2R site soley devoted to this service.  Just click $1 Hosting on the main menu.  The other providers are at least six times more expensive, but are not actually any better and there is no advantage to paying more, unless you have multiple sites and wish to spread them out among various providers as we do.

  Infinology Smart Consumers - $6.95 500 MB

  Lunarpages answers the phone when you call them!


No Time Like the Present


Domain Registration

bullet A Domain Registrar is who you deal with to register your .com, .net, .biz., .fm, .tv or other website name.  A .com address works best for businesses.  It just sounds more businesslike. One that is short and easy to remember is good, especially if it relates to your product or concept.  Also be advised that just because you have registered the domain, doesn't mean your business name is copyrighted or trademarked.  We found this out the hard way when someone launched another company using a very similar name with a number in front of our name.  6minutes2riches.com is not related to us in anyway.  We have since trademarked, but they had already stolen our name and the damage was done!  Just beware of that fact.  So, be cautious when choosing your name since you do not want to infringe on someone else's trademarks and copyrights. 
bullet We use and recommend Domain Direct and we know of none better!  Check the availability of your desired domain name in the box below! 
Register Your Domain Name

Accept Credit Cards on Your Sites!

bulletIf you do not already have your PayPal account set up, you need to click the link below and get signed up!  This is a  HOT LINK that will give you $5.00 right off the bat in your account!  It is like money in the bank!  
bulletClick the banner then click on "Sign up for your FREE PayPal Account".
bulletYou will want to get a PREMIERE account.  You need the extra features that account offers.  But, it is still FREE!

I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!


Next in popularity among Internet marketers is Storm Pay.  Click on the banner and sign up for your free account!  It is very similar to PayPal.  It is to your advantage to accept both PayPal and StormPay.  Click on the banner to sign up free.


The payment I personally prefer to receive is e-Gold.  For some reason the idea of my real gold sitting in a vault somewhere appeals to me.  (In the USA this used to be called "the gold standard".) Anyone can accept e-Gold.  There is no charge to open your e-Gold account and service fees are very low.  Click on the e-Gold banner to sign up absolutely free.

Software Vendors

bulletFREE WYSIWYG HTML Editor!  It is called "SOTHINK" and it is a freeware HTML editor which we have tried out and like because we LOVE free software.  While I use FrontPage for the bulk of my web editing chores, if I need to throw a page together fast away from my main machine and I don't have GoToMyPC on the machine I can use, I use SOTHINK because it is slam free and works fine.  Now it doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles and it operates differently from either of the costly software products, but you do the math.  Dreamweaver $400.  FrontPage $150.  SOTHINK $0.  Here is a download link for "SOTHINK".  CLICK HERE!


bulletFREE FTP Software!  Ipswitch WS_FTP LIMITED EDITION is the FTP software I use.  It is free for personal use when you download from our link!  CLICK HERE!    (Note: If you try to go through their website, this thing costs $20!  We have made a special arrangement for you!) 


bulletFREE BUTTONS for your website!  AAA Buttons - Free buttons !!


bulletAn essential ONLINE tool for marketers who can't be at their marketing computer all the time is called GoToMyPC.  As I mentioned above, I can access my main machine anywhere in the world as long as it is powered up.  With GoToMyPC, no matter where you are in the WORLD, if you have another computer with Internet access you can use your computer back home.  I love this because I can still run Minutes2Riches.Com just like I was home even when I'm in Myrtle Beach or the Bahamas on a golf trip!  My laptop is a relic of the 1990's, but with GoToMyPC I can access and use all the advantages of my XP Pro system at home!  I can check my email, send and receive files, edit websites and more with this from anywhere in the world!  I would be out of business without GoToMyPC in no time!  PC Magazine, CNET and the Wall Street Journal all love it!  It is used by top businesses and also approved for use by the government.  It is secure with high encryption and password protection.  We've arrange a free trial and encourage you to try it out at no charge.  You will NOT be disappointed.  So far all of our friends who have tried it, have kept it!  A valuable thing to me about this service is that no trace of my online activity shows on any other computer I use except the link to GoToMyPC, so they'll never know I was visiting www.minutes2riches.com or any other site for that matter!  Click on the following banner link and you're on your way to NEVER leaving your computer or valuable files behind! 

  GoToMyPC - Access  Your PC From Anywhere

bullet The Logo Creator as mentioned on the FAQ page of this site is where we got our logo.  This software allows you to create the logo you want!  It is the most cost effective way to get professional looking logos to use on websites, business cards, banner ads or you name it.  Use it just once and it has more than paid for itself.  Even a mediocre logo from a graphics design company costs about $200!  This software is less than half that expensive and it is easy to use.  If you can cut and paste text you can use this software!  The Logo Creator software gets our very highest recommendation!  (They also have the eBook and Box Cover Generator software for those of you who want to market your own eBooks or wish to repackage existing ones.)  You will never regret it if you just click on the following HOT LINK and download their great software if you are ready to make your own logo!  Just try their free demo version.  IT IS FUN!  Click here:  The Logo Creator
bullet www.frontpageworld.com is a great source for clean professional looking and easily customized FrontPage software to give you a standout image.  Highly recommended.  You download your software and start building your web immediately.  They deliver instantly on the internet just like we do!  Their quality and service completely blew me away!  Just click on the following HOT LINK which is ONLY for our associates for the very latest FrontPage templates at the very best prices at FRONTPAGE WORLD!  See HUNDREDS of website designs you can own, CLICK HERE!
bulletwww.swishzone.com has a hot product called SWISH which I used for the Flash animated movie on this site.  It is just plain fun to play with too!  You get a free 15 day trial, which may be enough to do several different movies and rotate them every month or so to keep your site fresh.  Words of warning thoughFirst warning, do not use a flash movie as an intro on your site.  Some search engines hate that and you won't get listed unless you know exactly how to "fool" the search engine spiders.  Instead use a pop-up window for it or link to it from your home page. Second warning, NORTON SPEED DISC optimization tool in NORTON UTILITIES or NORTON WORKS will erase your site key from this software.  The site key is like a password.  After it is erased the software will not run, even if you reenter the same site key.  So remember not to run a disk defrag or Speed Disc with Norton products during the trial period!  If you do, you will lose your ability to access the software.  If you purchase the software they will tell you exactly how to configure your Norton software so as to not interfere with the SWISH site key.  Third warning, FLASH INDEX pages are actually a bad idea which I learned the hard way.  It more than doubled the time it took me to prepare this site.  They complicate the preparation of your site for search submission.  Stay away from them unless you are an expert because they will keep you from getting listed on the search engines unless you know exactly what you are doing!  


bulletchumbo.com - the ultimate source in software!is one good place for off the shelf software like FrontPage and MS Office XP Developer fast at a decent price.  The Chumbo link above is a HOT LINK! Sometimes they are 20 percent lower than anyone else on the software I want, especially updates.  Their hardware is top of the line-first class type items too.  No junk here, only first rate brand new items!    


bullet Click here for great software deals!  This HOT LINK takes you to the incredible SOFTWARE OASIS.  Holy Toledo, this place is "The Library of Congress of Software" my friend!  Software Oasis stocks over 250,000 different popular software products, including hard to find Palm and Linux software.  (Not one store in my town has any Linux software!)  If you need software, you will find it at SOFTWARE OASIS!  I like their fast shipping too.  Very reliable and friendly people, and you can trust me on this, they've got the GOODS!  They have a cool logo too! 

                                                                     Click here to buy Software and Licenses!

Buy or Sell Your Software!
bullet Buy or Sell Your Software!  Buy Below Cost is absolutely full of bargains on lots of things. Not just software! This place is sort of the Anti-eBay!  You can also sell old stuff you don't need.  Go there by clicking the HOT LINK above that says "Buy or Sell Your Software!", if you haven't been there before...you'll like it!    

Hardware Vendors

ComputerSurplusOutlet.com- We've arranged a Special Deal for You: You can get Harvard Draw for FREE. A $39 VALUE! Click here
bulletComputer Surplus Outlet is the first place I look when I need hardware.  They specialize in clearing out huge inventories of products at rock bottom prices.  Prices that are sometimes incredible!  I bought a 3Com ethernet card at the computer store for $82.  I needed another when I built a new machine and CSO had the same card for $19!   I buy lots of my toys there now!  Check them out by clicking on the following HOT LINK.  For our visitors we've arranged a special free software package! I don't know how many of these free software packages they can give away!  Just click the following link to make sure the deal is still available! 

 FREE Havard Draw                       



bulletwww.tigerdirect.com for first rate hardware.  Great prices and fast service if the item is in stock.  Tiger Direct has the best prices lately on IBM brand systems and also good quality memory cards for demanding applications.

Spam Email Detective Tools

bulletWe promote responsible net commerce and we hate unsolicited commercial emails.  If you would like to learn how to report spam to the correct domain, please see "How to Complain to the Spammer's Provider" at the following address.  http://spam.abuse.net/userhelp/howtocomplain.shtml
bulletAnother good anti-spam link:  http://www.visualware.com/training/email.html
bulletFind out who hosts the spammer from their IP address:  http://ww1.arin.net/whois/
bulletFind out the IP address for any website, then use the IP address at the arin.net/whois database:  http://visualroute.visualware.com/


Business Cards

No self-respecting business person can exist without business cards!  Even people with a web based business need them!  You can pass them out at meetings or whenever you run into someone you think might be interested in seeing your website!  There are so many crummy websites, you just might want to show your good looking one off!  I like passing out these business cards whenever I meet someone new.  In the early days I passed out about 50 at a PTA meeting and made 5 sales in the next eight hours!  We've arranged a special HOT LINK so you can get some free!  All you have to pay is shipping and handling from VISTA PRINT.  These are the cards I use.  There is no way I can get cards of this quality here for this price, even with the shipping charges added in.  I also pay extra for the glossy finish now myself!  Your cards will look Fortune 500 caliber.  Click on the following HOT LINK for your free business cards. Get premium quality, full-color business cards FREE! An $85.00 value! Click here.

Autoresponder Service

bulletAn autoresponder is almost indispensable once you get accustomed to using one.  I like to compare them to an automatic transmission on a car.  A car will certainly run fine with a manual transmission but it is an awful lot easier to drive a car with an automatic!  
bulletDespite what you may be hearing elsewhere, there is NO NEED TO PAY for a great autoresponder service when you are first starting out because we have made a special arrangement with the best PAID autoresponder service in the USA to give you a FREE autoresponder setup.  It is free forever!  Once your business gets rolling you may wish to upgrade to their ultra-premium paid service.  The company is called GET RESPONSE, click on the logo below for your HOT LINK for the special free M2R signup!


bulletA rotator is a software device for rotating different sites through one link.  You can use them to rotate homepages, to display a rotation of all your sites by promoting only one link, or you can do as I do and use a rotator for both purposes.  My three favorite rotator sites are PAGE SWIRLBUILD REFERRALS and FREE ROTATOR.NET.  Check them out and make up your own mind.  I use all three for various purposes and maybe you will also.  Beware of Rotators that show banner ads or other distracting things around your site page.  None of the services I recommend do this but most of the others do and it looks terrible.  Use only CLEAN rotators, meaning without banner ads or other junk like popups.  All the visitor should see is your webpage! 

PalTalk Conferencing

bulletM2R offers private and group conferencing to address any issues that can not be handled by email support.  If you want to talk to me on PalTalk, first download the free software from the following link and sign up for your free account. You will either need a microphone and speakers or a headset type device if you do not already have one or the other.  You can get those at the CSO Hot Link under the Hardware heading.   http://www.paltalk.com/paltalk2/index.html


That is all for now!  Gosh, I feel like I just gave away the store!  Check back for link updates often.  And if you have any bad experiences with any of these vendors, let me know so I can check into it for you!  If you have found better, faster, cheaper services, let us know that too!




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