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"It's all about time. 

Trial and error results mostly in errors that put you through time gulping trials. 

Our Web Template Explosion gives you DOZENS of ready made time & money saving solutions!"

YES!  Templates that work like magic!  Why spend hours or days just designing a layout?  Or worse, hundreds of dollars to a greedy web designer? We've already done it for you dozens of times!  Change the graphics if you like or leave them alone.  Use any HTML editor you like.  We guarantee snazzy results or your money back!  You get EVERYTHING pictured.  Every template and every graphic!  We only wish we'd found this package years ago! 

Worried? Nervous? Just plain unsure about investing even a small amount in any of our products?  Relax.  All of the products we sell are backed by our money-back guarantee.  See the guarantee page for our unique policy.  We're betting we never have to give a single refund.  Our products are just that good.

Warp Speed Mr. Scott!  

All of our products are delivered INSTANTLY on the internet to your computer in either a zip or pdf file so you will have it downloading within moments of making payment!  Wow that is FAST!  

Hit the Links!

Be sure to check our links page for great links you can use in your business.  These are people we do business with and can vouch for.  We also like posting new links to services that benefit our associates.  

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  • A Web Template Explosion! 


    Act NOW to get a $2,558.12 value for ONE EXTRA LOW PRICE! 


    55 High Quality Professional Website Templates (Retail $448.50)


    Plus Bonus #1 A Further 13 "Gold Series" Templates (retail $180.00)


    Plus Bonus #2 Four Quality Corporate Templates (Retail $180.00)

    And that's only the BEGINNING!


        Dear Friend,

    If you are looking for a cost effective Web design solution or a product you can sell as your own, read on!  Minutes2Riches.Com is offering an unheard of deal. If you are a designer you know how hard it is to find a web solution for a low cost, one that gives you the ability to customize easily. You also know how time consuming the design of each web sites can be.  How many times have you sat up into the wee hours of the morning to get that design just right? I am sure you have thought many times, "if only had high quality professionally templates with color's already tested, pictures and layouts in an instant!"  For you, the WEB TEMPLATE EXPLOSION will be a dream come true. 

    If you are a reseller, you can see why The WEB TEMPLATE EXPLOSION is such an excellent product. There are thousands of web developers of varying skill levels, yet they all have the same thing in common!  That one thing is a need day in and day out to produce that perfect site.  Some of them start from scratch purely because of the cost of hiring a professional web site designer or the usual high price of purchasing pre-made templates. Others do what I was doing and pay the $15 to $45 to buy the rights to just one ready made template!  Now is the chance for you to offer a product that is not only one of the most competitively priced products available, but one they will thank you for when they suddenly have a huge collection of templates that will kick start the design process, and save them endless hours of tedious development! 

    We offer you 55 Easily Adapted Deluxe Templates!

    Below are samples of just 9.

    Click here to view screen shots of the many more templates + Bonuses

    These templates are ready to use. Just insert your sales letter, introduction, contact details, and your website will be ready to go.  In most cases the header copy including business name is easily edited right in your html editor. 

    Simply the easiest solution!

    For a small investment you can save time and use a set of professionally designed web templates that give you:

    1. Color schemes and styles that have been chosen to attract buyers.
    2. Images and graphics tested and proven to please visitors.
    3. User friendly layouts and designs for you and your visitors.  Plus there's more!

    Just Look At All The Features You Get!

    bullet55  professional, web templates which are easy to customize and build for a bargain basement price!  Use just one template and this package has paid for itself and everything else is gravy!
    bulletThe smartest investment you will ever make for your online business because it is a product you will use and resell again and again, and again!
    bulletYOU save $1000's instantly on web design fees not to mention graphics and logo creation!
    bulletBuild Websites for others and charge them $50 to $100 per page!
    bulletAll templates are compatible with both IBM and Macintosh computers.
    bulletYou get the Minutes2Riches.Com 100% NO QUESTIONS ASKED Full Year Money Back Guarantee.
    bulletA Single Executable file that will allow you to download all the products.

    As you can see, this is an extremely good offer, and we haven't even talked about all the bonuses yet. Why pay $50 to $100 to have a single page designed when you can use this brilliant package to quickly publish ALL THE PAGES YOU WANT with nothing more to pay us or anyone else...EVER! 

    Use Any Web Editor you like!

    Every template is compatible with any web editor including all the favorites like Dreamweaver, HomeSite, Arachnophilia, Hotdog, Netscape Composer, SoThink, FrontPage and more.  In fact, we've never found a "what you see is what you get" html editor they didn't work perfectly with!

    This template package will allow you to have a site up an running in literally minutes. All you need to do is fill in the blank spaces! Once you have done this with any Web editor that choose, you will only need to link up any new pages to an order form or shopping cart, upload the images and pages to your server, and you will truly be in business!

    Use any template you want to build anything from a one page mini-site to a full fledged portal. You can adapt any of the templates any way you choose, for any type of business you have in mind. You can mix and match page components between templates, so actually the possibilities of how many different sites you can build are limited only by your imagination!  Or you can stick with the current themes and layouts to put up new sites almost instantly.


    This is a sensational opportunity! When you purchase this incredible package, not only do you get the above benefits and features, but I will give you full Lifetime Master Resell Rights to the entire 55 templates designs and layouts!  Resell them in any fashion you choose.  Sell them one at a time if you want.

    This complete design ownership and resell rights for the entire Web package is valued at over $1600!

    What do RESALE rights mean to you?

    bulletResell, Resell, Resell! Generate cash with no restrictions!
    With these Master Resell Rights you can sell each template for $24.00 or more!!!

    Or you can Sell the whole Package for $300, we really care don't care how you resell the item!

    Bundle any of your own existing products into the package as bonuses to increase the resale value.


      Use The Template Explosion to:
    bulletStart your own profitable Web template business at home!
    bulletBuild attractive Websites by the dozens easily and inexpensively!
    bulletGet access to a product that has never been released prior to this offer containing all the products described!

    This product is delivered electronically after your purchase.  The executable download comes with a re-branding offer inside to customize it with you own "Company Name" and website address.

    bulletYou will be free to sell the package as a whole for any price!
    bulletYou will be free to sell the entire package or any components separately for any price!
    bulletYou can repackage the product in any fashion you choose!
    bulletYou have the option to completely brand the download as your own at a significant discount!

    Now that's STILL not all we have for you.

    We want to make sure you are satisfied. We want you to truly get one of the best offers ever seen!

    5 Bonuses with Resell Rights if you buy today!

    These bonuses are the truly useful web resources that would normally cost you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS anywhere else!

    Bonus #1 A Further 13 "Gold Series" Templates (retail $180.00)

    This is an offer that we will be only making for the first 10,000 orders. These are stunning templates that are valued at $17 US each and are yours FREE!

    Bonus #2 Four Professional Corporate Templates (Retail $180.00)

    These simply put are four of the finest corporate Web site templates ever offered anywhere! The designs include roll-over and mouse-over effects with that high-dollar corporate feel. They are valued at $45.00 each and we give them to you for FREE!.

    You even get the original DWT Fireworks files so that you can edit the entire template set with ease using Macromedia Fireworks or any DWT capable program.  Redesign to your heart's content!

    Bonus #3 The Entire Course to Writing the Greatest Headlines - (Retail $199.95)

    Considered the best course on all 7 headline creation formulas. This is a resource you should not be without. With this course you will also get the ultimate collection of idea-inducing headlines, and how to write the greatest headlines for any advertisement, e-book, newsletter or what ever you wish with a collection of the best headline words and phrases.  This course goes far beyond any other e-Book or e-Course on headline writing.  You can't believe the difference it can make until you take the course!  It is worth every cent of the usual price of $199.95. 


    Bonus #4 How to Create Killer Mini Sites - (Retail $99.95)

    "Learn the secrets behind successful mini sites!" - A deep down dissection of the most successful mini sites on the web and exclusive access to the proven 9-block formula for creating killer mini sites that sell like crazy! (Plus you get the complete rights to sell this great product and keep 100% of the profits in your pocket.

    Bonus #5 Flashy Banners In A Box- (Retail $9.99)

    How will this product help you?


    Put life into any web page! Just cut and paste the flash banners and intros into your webpage to create dazzling effects. You don't even need to know anything about flash. There's also no need to pay expensive flash artists. Full instructions given on how to use the product too.


    Inside the product are 114 beautifully flash design templates which you can use as banners, intros, buttons in any of your web pages or auction pages.




    A Strictly Limited Time Offer

    This offer is limited to the first 10,000 orders. Wait, and we guarantee it will be too late!  So, please do yourself a favor and place your order right now! There is absolutely no risk to you. Because, if you don't like the package for any reason we will refund every cent of your money. That's really more than a guarantee because it is an offer you would be insane not to take advantage of this very minute!  This is the same guarantee we offer on every product we sell.

    Let's Review What You Will Get
    with the Mega Template Package!

    55 High Quality Professional Website Templates worth $448.50
    Plus Bonus #1 A Further 13 "Gold Series" Templates worth $180
    Bonus #2 Four Professional Corporate Website Templates worth $180
    Bonus #3 The Entire Course to Writing the Greatest Headlines worth $199.95
    Bonus #4 How to Create Killer Mini Sites, a $99.95 value
    Bonus #5 Flashy Banners In A Box which we resell over and over for $9.99

    Bonus #6 is the real killer!  Don't forget that you are also getting unlimited LIFETIME RESALE RIGHTS to EVERYTHING in the package worth $1,600.00

    That is $2,558.12 worth of valuable products and it is all yours for less than dinner for two and a movie!  Just imagine all the sharp websites you can build and all the sales you can make thanks to this unique package!  Only YOU will know how little you paid. 


    You will be free to sell the package as a whole for any price
    bulletYou will be free to sell the package separately for any price
    bulletYou are free to use this sales page from your own Website
    bulletYou have the option to completely brand the download as you own. (Normally $35.00 US,  but we will even offer you re-branding at HALF-PRICE!  You pay only $17.50 when you follow the re-branding instructions sent with your payment confirmation!)   
    bulletBy now I bet you are worried about the cost!  Well just click the BUY NOW  link below for a very pleasant surprise!  Our limited offer price is much too low to advertise!


    Full Year Money Back Guarantee!  If you are not satisfied for any reason, get a full refund!

    Copyright 2003, Minutes2Riches.Com  All Rights Reserved.






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