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When seconds count, 911 Dispatchers save lives. M2R salutes all Police, Fire, EMS, Rescue and 911 personnel.  You are heros!

People are Talking!

"Of all the programs we've been "suckered" into, including MLM's that were supposed to be idiot proof, Instant Webmaster is the only one that has ever worked for me and my husband."  Lt. R.C.J , USAF Ramstein Germany

"The only thing I don't understand is why you discount your prices so much over what other people charge for the exact same products and then offer so much help!  It appears I made the correct choice."  Jean Claude D, Reims France


"I'm a single stay at home mom and the Instant Webmaster Videos has been a Godsend!  I appreciate the help you gave me.  My whole life has changed."  Beverly T , Newport RI




News and Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to the Minutes2Riches family. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first!  News items are posted from newest on top to oldest on the bottom.

Welcome to The Explosion! 

The WEB TEMPLATE EXPLOSION is our newest product and we're very pleased with the quality of this product and we stand behind it 100% with a FULL YEAR no questions asked every cent of your money back guarantee!  Try it.  You'll like it!  We have the best price on the Net on a template collection of this size and professional quality!  You will not find a better collection anywhere and nobody will beat our price or we'll give you YOUR MONEY BACK!  How's that grab you?

Get a ton of freebies on the FREELOADERS page!  Valuable products like CRAZY BROWSER, The exclusive M2R PrePremote Metatag Generator you will find nowhere else....and the 100% effective KILLAD Popup Killing Software Downloads from M2R.  They're yours at no cost or obligation and they really work!

Webmasters also don't miss the M2R Hit Machine page, it links you to our new HIT MACHINE mini-site. 



New for 2003, Non-Stop Hits for your websites!  Whether you are a webmaster or use affiliate programs, just visit the HIT MACHINE PAGE to find the easiest way to get thousands of free hits!  Get more hits and you'll get more sales!  HIT MACHINE links are updated almost daily to bring you the latest and greatest links to build traffic to your sites!  We've also built a special site just for The HIT MACHINE, visit by clicking HERE!

Introducing:  M2R Freeloaders!  Freeloaders are free downloads of ebooks or web tools we think you need bad enough to give them too you for FREE!  Please only download each Freeloader ONCE.  Save it in a folder on your desktop so you can get to it anytime!  Enjoy and thanks for visiting Minutes2Riches.com!   Access FREELOADERS from the main menu bars.  

We are very excited about a new exclusive online eBook we have released on a brand new website!  As you know, jobs are scarce lots of places and since it only takes a few minutes a day to run your Internet Empire, why not get a nice government job to pay your healthcare, retirement, 401K and other benefits?  During bad economic times, crime goes up and so does the need for people with computer and communication skills at 9-1-1 Communication Centers Nationwide!  This new product is EXCLUSIVE, available nowhere else on the planet!  

"GET YOUR 9-1-1 CAREER STARTED NOW" is written by a 30 year communications professional and educator who is currently the Training Officer at a 9-1-1 communications center which handles over 250,000 phone calls per year!  He is also an Emergency Services instructor at TWO different Community Colleges having taught literally hundreds of people in how to cope with emergencies.  Experience, knowledge and teaching skill will mean this will be one effective book for anyone looking for a great career!  

Like all our products you will have a one-year money back guarantee if you don't think "GET YOUR 9-1-1 CAREER STARTED NOW" was worth every red cent!  

You will NOT see it anywhere else but 911insider.com!  To visit the site, click on the 911 Insider logo below.  Be sure to let us know what you think of this new site at the CONTACT form.  Thanks!  


Also, we have just added the AMAZING software that can more than DOUBLE your sales on every single website you use it on!  Armand Morin's PopUp Generator!  Click the photo to learn all about it!  We made special arrangements with Armand to sell his hot software AND the resell rights with a complete ready made website for the LOWEST PRICE EVER OFFERED ANYWHERE!  Leave it to us to give you the best for LESS!  Click on the software's box to go to the new product page for PopUp Generator! 





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